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Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Installation Process

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Bring, fax, or email a drawing, hand sketch, or blueprint and we will provide you with a quote.  Choose material, finalize details, and schedule a convenient time to begin your project.


Once new cabinets are set in their final position, or old countertops have been removed from existing cabinets, you are ready for templating. We build our templates out of lauan wood strips.  We believe that templating the old-fashioned way allows for a more custom fit!


Fabrication begins on one of our two bridge saws.  A half-ton slab is custom cut to your templates using a precision laser to guide the carbide blade.


Your cut material then moves into the polishing phase. Our fabricators polish and shape edges with handheld grinders fitted with industrial diamond polishing pads. Edges need to go through eight different levels of polishing to reach the appropriate shine!


Your finished countertops are carefully loaded onto our installation truck, equipped with a 45 foot boom to accommodate our coastal architecture if necessary!  Our friendly and experienced crew will carefully install your countertops, make any necessary cutouts for appliances, mount your sink, and drill any requested holes.  They will complete the installation by thoroughly cleaning your new countertops and sealing natural stone.


The Crew Leader will take pictures of the completed work and forward them to the office for review to ensure that everything meets our standards and expectations. The office team welcomes feedback and will be happy to answer any questions. Care and cleaning instructions can be found at the bottom of the “Our Products & Services” page, under “Resources”.

*We adhere to the standards set forth by the Marble Institute of America.*

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